Leading fabless design house focused on providing an extensive set of IP and Product engineering services in Semiconductor, Systems and IOT areas

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Prochip Technologies (Prochiptech) is a leading fabless design house focused on providing an extensive set of IP and Product engineering services in Semiconductor, Systems and IOT areas. The engineering team has world-class expertise in supplying custom RF, mixed signal and digital design services to its international customers in the automotive, industrial, healthcare, and consumer markets.


Our ace team of engineers and consultants are skilled across a wide range of the most powerful modern tools, technologies, and methods. We are experienced professionals in making best practices fit into existing flow and with a track record of several first-pass silicon successes.


Prochiptech provides an extensive set of full-flow IC design services focused on supporting semiconductor and systems companies in the delivery of IC, SoC, ASIC or FPGA projects. These services range from a full turnkey solution that delivers a production ready design, to sub-system or IP block development, or having our engineers augment your existing design teams with specialist design, application or EDA tools expertise. Our services can be delivered using the wide range of 3rd party EDA tools we have in-house or by accessing our customer EDA licenses via VPN.


We measure our success by customer satisfaction and the quality of the solutions, services and designs we deliver. Our approach is to develop long-term relationships with our customers and encourage strong partnerships with our suppliers, while providing meaningful and challenging work for our staff in a friendly, professional working environment. While our company is headquartered in Pakistan, we now have a good deal of engineers spread across three continents.

Systems Level Design & Characterization

Our specification development services start with our customer’s high-level marketing specification to finish with a complete system architecture and executable model, including a set of detailed technical specifications from the top-level to individual modules. Our experienced algorithms team are skilled in modelling RF Analog and mixed signal systems and developing full system level models to prove the architecture before starting the detailed design.

FPGA Design

Prochiptech has the in-house skills needed to develop, verify and take to market complex, reliable FPGA-based product for the most demanding markets. Experience includes development products for communication systems, automotive and industrial application using Xilinx, Intel (Altera) and Lattice FPGAs. Our teams’ skills cover DSP and system design, RTL design, IP integration, high speed board design and embedded software. This includes SoC-based FPGAs incorporating multiple Arm cores and high-speed interfaces such as the latest Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ devices. We apply the latest verification, linting and timing analysis methodologies to reduce the time spent hunting bugs on the bench and to improve reliability and quality. We can also help specify and develop FPGA firmware and embedded software to meet various functional safety standards.


Our team of highly experienced Physical implementation engineers use a best in class design flow that uses either Synopsys IC Compiler II or Cadence Innovus Implementation System for physical design and Synopsys/Mentor tools for physical verification and sign-off. Our services range from RTL-to-GDSII block-level implementation for mixed signal analog-on-top design to hierarchical digital design in leading edge nodes.

We have experience with a variety of process nodes from 180nm to 12nm FinFET as well as the FD-SOI based process. Our foundry experience includes working with TSMC, Global Foundaries, UMC and SMIC.


Prochiptech layout team have vast experience in working on Analog and Mixed-signal chips. The team have successfully taped-out countless designs ranging from 180nm to 7nm process nodes for TSMC, Global Foundaries, UMC and SMIC. We have expertise in Data Converters, PMUs, PLLs, custom SRAM/DRAM designs, RF PAs and LNAs, Switching and Linear regulators, Op-Amps, Custom digital blocks etc.

Design and Verification

Our services include the development of RTL for a wide range of applications including networking, wireless and power. Our team have the skills to develop new algorithms or implement designs from customer given specifications. Prochiptech provides a comprehensive range of verification services to achieve right first time silicon. We apply a range of techniques including coverage driven constrained random verification using UVM with SystemVerilog. Our verification experience includes working on complex interfaces such as PCIe and 10/100Gb Ethernet, UPF for multiple power down systems and the verification of complex AMBA bus systems with embedded processor cores.  We have experience in the verification of both multi-processor digital and mixed signal chips.

PCB Design and Layout

Our hardware team have experience in designing boards for both high volume production and for silicon evaluation. These boards include high-speed interfaces such as PCIe and DDR4, and RF connectivity including LoRa, BLE and NFC. We have a vast amount of experience designing boards incorporating custom ASICs and Xilinx, Intel and Lattice FPGAs as well as designing with embedded processors from vendors including Nordic, ST, TI and NXP.


Our analog design team are experienced in developing ultra-low-power SoCs and IP with integrated radios that target nano-Amp sleep budgets in process nodes down to 22nm. RF based application areas include radio transceivers and medical monitoring devices incorporating custom and standards based sub-GHz and GHz radios. Standards based radio designs include BLE, BT Classic and Wi-Fi.

Our experience in developing a wide-range of low-power ASICs has enabled us to build a broad library of silicon proven IPs for our customers including sensor interfaces, ADCs, DACs, LDOs, PLLs, temperature sensors and oscillators as well as Wi-Fi and BLE Radio.


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